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    It is our vision to enrich the lives of all equines, promote optimal well-being and reduce the number of unwanted horses through the provision of information and education.

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    Are you thinking of getting a horse? Here you will find information on the basics of horse care.

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    This is our on-line reference library to interesting and helpful articles on common health issues facing horses.

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    Sinsi is a 6 year quarter horse who has basic ground skills but has not yet been started under saddle. He came into care in November 2016 and what a beautiful boy he is.

    FLEUR came into our care at the end of January 2015 in very poor condition. Considering her age (22) she is relatively un-handled and rather unsure of us humans.

    Maddy is a beautiful 8 year old standard bred. She has the sweetest of nature and really is a joy to be around.

    Why EAQ?

    1. Raising Awareness and Education

    EAQ is a not for profit organisation that is dedicated to promoting optimal well-being for horses in Australia. By networking with individuals, organisations and communities it is our aim to pass on information that contributes to raising the welfare standards of equines within Australia.

    2. Problem solving

    EAQ is dedicated towards identifying the root cause of the many issues facing the equine population in Australia. By working alongside the various equine industries we are dedicated towards finding long term sustainable solutions that will benefit the lives of these wonderful selfless creatures.

    3. Assisting the community

    EAQ assist, rehabilitates and re-homes horses in need. These good news stories provide us with hands on experience, raises the profile of EAQ within the media and brings positive to change to the lives of horses whose futures were hanging in the balance.

    4. Team Spirited

    EAQ is blessed to have a team of very dedicated hardworking people who are determined to bring about long term change that will benefit horses, people and our environment.

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