In care

Little Miss Toffee

Toffee is a miniature horse, at only 7 hands high and weighing in at 90kgs she is the smallest member of the EAQ herd. Toffee came into care at the end of November 2016, she is 18 years old and has spent her life popping out foal after foal. Her previous owner took her away from that life but circumstances changed and Toffee was in need of a new home. Fearing that she would once again be used for breeding if sold on, Toffee was surrendered into our care.

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Toffee's story so far.

It’s been a very big day for little Miss Toffee; a visit from Old Mill Vet Surgery meant our smallest herd member got her teeth done as well as her vaccinations and a Cushing test. What a little super … Read More

This weekend saw the arrival of 2 new horses into the EAQ herd. Little miss Toffee arrived along with her paddock companion Sinsi. Toffee is a cute little mini who is only 7 hands high and the very handsome Sinsi is … Read More